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Life Insurance Policy Company is a company that is dedicated towards helping you search for and find life insurance policies that fulfill your needs at cheaper rates. We can help you find customized life insurance policies that are tailored to your needs and your lifestyle.

When you patronize us at Life Insurance Policy Company, you can be assured that you would get life insurance policy quotes that work for you. We also have a lot of information on our website to educate you and help you select the right life insurance policy for you.

Term Life Insurance Policy

Term Life Insurance Policy

If you are searching for the best Term life insurance policy quotes, you should look no further because this is where you would find the most competitive quotes in the industry. Term Life insurance allows you to pay premiums for a specific period of time. During this period, if you pass on to the great beyond, your beneficiaries would receive a lump sum payment which they can use to finance their lifestyles and leave comfortably even when you are gone. Term Life Insurance provides financial comfort and security for your family when you pass on.

At Life Insurance Policy Company, we would match you with the most suitable term life insurance policy package for you with low premiums and attractive discounts.

Whole Life Insurance Policy

We also have the most attractive rates on Whole Life Insurance Policy in the industry. Whole life insurance gives you two benefits in one life insurance policy package. Your beneficiaries are able to receive financial compensation when you pass on and you can also get to invest some portion of your insurance premiums. This portion receives interest which you can borrow against or even withdraw while you are still living.

Whole Life Insurance guarantees financial protection for you and your family while you are living or dead. We have just the right package and quotes for you at Life Insurance Policy Company.

Whole Life Insurance Policy

Universal Life Insurance

Amongst our popular life insurance packages is the Universal Life Insurance Policy. With this package, you can get insurance protection for the rest of your life. Universal Life Insurance policy is quite flexible; you can use your premiums in two ways, to provide a life insurance policy for your beneficiaries upon death and to build an interest-savings account which you can borrow against if you ever run into financial difficulties.

Terminal Illness Benefits

Everybody is talking about when you die, what about when you get so sick that you can’t afford to provide for yourself or your family? We have life insurance policy quotes at Life Insurance Policy Company, which would help to ensure that if you are ever diagnosed with a t6erminal illness, you would receive financial compensation. With this package, you never have to worry about where to get money to take care of your medical expenses.

Features of Our Life Insurance Policy

Our life insurance policy packages come with the most interesting and useful features. Some of the features of our products include

Cool off Period

Life is riddled with uncertainties. If your circumstances ever change or if you change your mind about Life Insurance Policy, this feature helps to protect you.

Financial Planning

This feature allows you to help your dependents plan their  financial  future  even  when  you  are  gone  future.

Accommodation Benefits

Another feature of some of our insurance policy packages is the accommodation benefit. It provides a payout for you in cases where you have to live some kilometers away from your home, or have someone come and live with you. This package can help you to finance costs of living an elderly care facility or employing a caregiver when you become aged and unable to care for yourself.

Variable Life Insurance

Variable life insurance is another policy that is suitable for you if you are seeking for long term protection and investment benefits. Variable Life Insurance allows you to participate in different types of investment with interests earned on them and also provides a payout value for your beneficiaries when you pass on.

Inflation Increase

Inflation can affect the purchasing value of your policy in the long run. This feature helps to ensure that whenever there is an increase in the current consumer price index, the value of your policy would increase automatically. However, this might mean that the rate of your premiums would increase too.

Advanced Payment Options

Some of our policies also come with guaranteed advanced payment options which help to ensure that upon death, your beneficiaries would receive immediate financial benefits to meet with urgent financial needs.

Flexible Coverage

We also have life insurance policy quotes for insurance policies with flexible cover. This package allows you to either increase or decrease your death benefits. You would find this option very useful in cases of divorce, death of beneficiaries or marriage.

Premium Waivers

We also have products that allow you to waive your premiums if you ever experience unemployment, disability, financial incapability and other circumstances that may make it difficult for you to continue to pay premiums.

Child Death Cover

Unfortunately, children can die to or experience traumatic events. This feature allows you to cover not only yourself but your kids too and your spouse so that at the end of the day, you’re all one big, insured and financially secured family.

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